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We form and pour concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, and more!

Welcome to Morales Landscaping & Pinestraw Service's concrete flatwork services, where we blend functionality and durability into your landscaping. Whether it's a concrete driveway leading to your home, an inviting patio for outdoor entertainment, a robust pool deck that resists the elements, or a network of walkways to make traversing your landscape a breeze, we're here to bring your vision to life. Concrete is low-maintenance and renowned for its durability, concrete is a versatile material that complements a variety of architectural styles and withstands the test of time. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional quality and precision in every project, paving the way for a landscape that is as enduring as it is beautiful.

Morales Landscaping & Pinestraw is a landscaping contractor based out of Greenville, South Carolina and serving Greenville County and the surrounding area.  We specialize in forming, pouring, and finishing concrete flatwork.  We build concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete pool decks, concrete walkways, and more!

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Why Choose Morales Landscaping & Pinestraw To Install Your Concrete Flatwork?

When you choose Morales Landscaping & Pinestraw for your concrete project you are partnering with a small, locally owned, landscaping business.  We are large enough to form and pour concrete for outdoor hardscapes of all shapes and sizes but we’re still small enough to give your concrete project the specific care and attention it needs to be a durable and long-lasting improvement to your property.

We believe in great value along with excellent customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every project we take on! We will conduct ourselves like true professionals on your property at all times, leaving no trace behind but your new concrete, walkway, driveway, pool deck or other hardscaped elements!

If you want to schedule an estimate for your concrete construction project then please give us a call 864-434-4176 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Concrete Services We Offer

Concrete Driveways: We design and install durable, low-maintenance concrete driveways that can withstand heavy use and weather conditions. These driveways can be customized with various finishes such as stamped, stained, or polished concrete to elevate your home's curb appeal.

Concrete Patios: Our team constructs concrete patios that act as an extension of your home, providing a solid and stylish outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining. We offer a wide variety of decorative options to tailor your patio to your aesthetic preferences and the style of your home.

Concrete Pool Decks: We build robust concrete pool decks that resist pool chemicals, stand up to the elements, and provide a safe, slip-resistant surface. Whether you prefer a simple brushed finish or a more sophisticated stamped or colored design, we can create a pool deck that enhances your swimming pool area.

Concrete Walkways and Pathways: Our concrete walkways offer a durable and attractive solution for navigating your landscape. From straight, modern designs to winding garden paths, our team can execute a variety of styles to complement your property and improve its accessibility.

Concrete Garden Edging: Add definition and a clean edge to your garden beds with our concrete garden edging services. This edging prevents grass from encroaching on your garden and keeps mulch and soil in place.

Concrete Retaining Walls: Our concrete retaining walls not only serve a practical purpose in managing soil and water flow, but they can also provide a modern, sleek aesthetic to your landscape design.

Concrete Steps: Whether you need a few steps leading to your front door or a staircase to navigate a slope, we can design and install concrete steps that are both functional and visually pleasing.

Concrete Sports Courts: For the active family, we offer installation services for concrete sports courts, such as basketball or tennis courts, providing a sturdy and long-lasting surface for your athletic endeavors.

Concrete Fire Pits: Add a focal point to your outdoor living space with a concrete fire pit. Not only does a fire pit provide a gathering space, but it also adds year-round functionality to your yard.

Questions About Concrete Flatwork?

Concrete flatwork is a term that refers to horizontal concrete structures typically laid on specific grades to create a level surface. This includes patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks, and other flat surfaces. With Morales Landscaping & Pinestraw Service, our concrete flatwork is crafted to provide durability, practicality, and aesthetic appeal, enhancing your outdoor spaces in more ways than one.

The duration for installing a concrete patio or driveway largely depends on the size and complexity of the project. Typically, preparation and installation can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week, while curing, the process that strengthens the concrete, usually requires about a month. However, your patio or driveway will be walkable or drivable after a week in most cases. We pride ourselves on efficient service while ensuring top-notch quality.

Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of decorative options for your concrete surfaces. From a myriad of color choices to finishes like stamping or staining, we can customize your concrete to achieve the aesthetic you desire, complementing your home's architecture and surrounding landscape.

Depending on the extent and type of damage, some concrete surfaces can be repaired, which can be a more cost-effective solution. However, in cases where the damage is extensive or affects the structural integrity of the concrete, replacement may be necessary. Our team at Morales Landscaping & Pinestraw Service can assess the condition of your concrete surface and recommend the best course of action.

There are a variety of finishes we offer for concrete flatwork, depending on your aesthetic preference and functional requirements. A smooth finish is achieved by floating and troweling, giving a sleek and polished look. Broom finish, achieved by dragging a broom across the surface, is perfect for driveways, walkways, or patios where slip resistance is important. Textured or stamped finishes can mimic the appearance of natural stone, brick, or other materials, adding a unique and visually pleasing element to your landscape.

A broom finish, which creates a lightly textured surface, offers more traction than a smooth finish, making it a safer choice for areas prone to wet conditions like pool decks or walkways. In terms of maintenance, both finishes are relatively easy to clean and maintain. However, smooth finishes may show stains and discoloration more readily than broom finishes.


Very satisfied with the results Highly RECOMMENDED !!!

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Great place to work with 🥰😎

Juana Martinez
Juana Martinez August 12, 2023

I had this company install a retaining wall and remove a tree. I had a good experience from contacting them through project completion. Their prices were the best out of 3 different quotes. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are now my go to landscaping company.

Nick D
Nick D January 30, 2023

The quality and attention to detail is the best I’ve experienced. No other company even comes close!

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Andy Welchel August 11, 2023

Very immaculate & professional; was always available when I needed to contact him.

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Michelle Nichols May 22, 2020

Adrian and the team were great to work with. I have a lot more projects for them in the future

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Stephen Herbert August 29, 2023

My yard looks great! Very professional!

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Benjamin Brackett May 22, 2020

We are beyond happy at how beautiful morales landscaping has made our yard look! Almost an acre of mulch and yard clean up for a fair price. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!

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Leslie Busch August 11, 2023

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