Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Large Yards

Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Large Yards

Many people think that small yards are a challenge when designing their backyard space, however, there can still be some challenges with having a larger yard as well. Sometimes larger yards can feel overwhelming to design and many homeowners worry about the maintenance or cost of taking care of the space or maybe they simply just don’t know where to start.

The key to creating a beautifully landscaped backyard is all in the planning. Deciding exactly what you are looking for whether it be a pool, gazebo, firepits, outdoor eating area, or simply a gorgeous flower garden is the first step in designing your backyard. You can create different areas within the yard and have multiple features to utilize as there are so many options with larger yards.

Below will be some amazing backyard landscaping ideas for large yards, with everything from low-maintenance ideas, large gardens, to extravagant patios and pretty much anything in between. Designing your backyard doesn’t have to be hard, let these ideas help inspire you to create a wonderful yard for you and your family to enjoy.

Build A Patio

This may be somewhat expensive initially, however, depending on the materials used, patios are low maintenance in the long run and can serve many functions. Paver patios are ideal as they are sturdy and require little care after installation. Patios are great for entertaining as you can create a dining area covered with a beautiful pergola, place a fire pit in the center, or just have a solid surface for kids to play decorated with beautiful potted plants or shrubs.

Design with Curves

With larger yards, curves can add a lot of style and design appeal. Creating curved boundaries throughout the yard give the space a more natural/organic feel. Use brick pavers for curved paths, curve the borders of gardens for a nice flow, or create a circular flower bed. Patios can also be laid in a circular shape which creates flow throughout the yard. This design can also work well with multi-level yards blending the levels naturally and incorporating the different height levels.

Create Many Outdoor Spaces

Large yards are great for creating several areas that you and your family can utilize. You can use different materials to create distinct areas that serve different purposes. Use pavers for a patio, a wooden deck for a zen/meditation zone, artificial turf for a low-maintenance area for kids to play, etc… Another way to separate areas is to use plants and shrubs giving some more natural appeal to the yard.

Create Layers With Plants

This is a beautiful way to create appeal and depth to a large yard. Looking best around the boundaries of your yard, use plants of various heights to create a tiered look with different textures and colors. For a more natural feel, use plants that are native to your specific area, this can help keep maintenance low and will blend nicely with the surroundings. You can also use the layered method as a focal area or to border other outdoor spaces you have created.

Opt For a Gravel Garden

Gravel gardens are a great idea for easy maintenance with a beautiful aesthetic. Using gravel for your garden is another way to make the yard have a natural feel giving a nice contrast to a green lawn. Place a gravel garden along the boundaries of the yard or create a gravel area to place seating such as a park bench for relaxing. Gravel is also great for creating a zen type area for a peaceful, quiet area to enjoy.

Use Artificial Grass

If you are wanting a big beautiful green lawn without all the work to take care of it, then artificial grass is a great idea. An artificial lawn will give you the same feel and look of a natural grass lawn without all of the maintenance which is especially great for larger yards. Both family and pet-friendly, artificial grass is sturdy with the ability to withstand heavy traffic and has the potential to last a long time. Taking care of the artificial lawn is easy and doesn’t require a lot to keep it looking fresh.

Create Archway Paths

Another unique idea is to use arches to separate areas of your yard. You can use trellis archways lined with crawling/climbing plants to give a fun whimsical feel to the space. Use archways solely as a fun focal point or entrances to the different areas within the yard.

Create a Traditional Zen Garden

Zen gardens are generally created for peace and meditation. They are also beautiful spaces with many unique pieces that if done correctly, can be truly a work of art. Zen garden typically uses “dry” landscape items such as rocks, they also utilize greenery like moss and certain grasses with each representing landforms. The use of water elements such as ponds or fountains is also important for the overall feel of the space. Zen gardens can be a stunning feature for a large backyard but do require some extra maintenance to keep lines crisp and clean.

Add A Water Feature

Water features are a great way to add a unique element to your backyard. Incorporate a large fountain as the main feature or a subtle smaller fountain within your garden for soothing background noise. You can also opt for a pond to house some koi fish or even water turtles. If you are not wanting the extra work of taking care of fish, ponds are aesthetically pleasing on their own being surrounded by various plants and shrubs.

Create A Labyrinth

Labyrinths are yet another unique idea for large backyards. These multi-directional areas are a fun way to create a sense of wonder to your space and you can make them as complex or as simple as you want. Labyrinths have been around for centuries with their main purpose being a place of focus or relaxation. Create different paths, leading to separate areas that can all be connected and intertwined where you can wander around and enjoy the peace.

Design An European Courtyard

Give your backyard that European estate vibe with the use of short hedges and topiaries. Create a central focal point using grass with pavers pathways surrounding the area to give a clean manicured look. You can also design a maze with hedges and with added shrubbery, your yard can resemble a castle courtyard giving a very distinguished and royal feel. This method would require some maintenance as plants and shrubs would need to be trimmed regularly.

Create A Kid-Friendly Paradise

This is a great idea for families with children as you can design an area specifically for them. Of course, swimming pools are great options but there are also items such as inground trampolines, playground equipment, sandpits, and so much more. You can section off an area just for the kids or utilize the entire yard for entertaining young ones with the options being limitless for fun and unique things to do.

Build A Backyard Resort

With this option, you can create a space that gives you the feeling that you are on vacation in your own backyard. A swimming pool could be the main focal point with added features of a spa and an outdoor kitchen. You can then utilize cover with a gorgeous pergola and top it all off with beautiful plants or shrubs. You can tailor the area to your exact tastes whether you want a tropical paradise or a serene modern space, you have the option to make your yard the resort of your dreams.

Build A Treehouse

A treehouse doesn’t have to be just for the kids anymore! If your yard is home to many trees, building a treehouse is a great idea to add a fun functional space or just a unique focal point to enjoy. You can make the treehouse as extravagant or as simple as you like but make sure to hire a professional to ensure the safety of the structure.

Create A Bar Area

Adding a bar can be an option by itself or added to an already nice feature to your yard. You can create the bar within a gazebo or build a fun tiki hut to entertain your guests. The limitless options for a bar make this another great idea for larger backyards.

Plant A Food Garden

If you have a green thumb and love homegrown veggies, then installing a vegetable garden is a top choice. Section off an area in your yard that is as big or small as you like and plant whatever foods your heart desires. Your vegetable garden doesn’t have to be boring, you can utilize the plants foliage or surround the garden with other plants and flowers to make the space visually appealing.

As you can see, with these backyard landscaping ideas for large yards, your project does not have to be overwhelming and you truly have several options to make your yard a perfect space. From easy-going/laidback vibes to a royal estate feeling, the possibilities are endless. Designing your backyard can be easy and when you are done, you will have a space that you truly love for you and your family to make many wonderful memories together.

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